29 March 2017

Stuff I've been doing this month.

The time has flown by and I have just not got around to posting. I am having too much fun going to the gym and drawing and painting. ;)

Sktchy has been my main source of inspiration as usual.

I thought I'd have a go at some animals. I have rarely drawn dogs but do the occasional elephant, cat or bird.

Some more practice at hands. Just because I love drawing them.

And some portraits. Mostly with ink, one with graphite. 

Someone posted a great selection of mouth images. I need lots of practice at them, especially with teeth. This was a lot of fun. I learnt not to leave teeth white but give them a bit of shading. 

11 March 2017

100 people in 5 days

Yes another challenge... I am a glutton for punishment. Marc Holmes and Liz Steele introduced a challenge of doing 100 people in one week. A big ask. To prepare for this I started watching Marc's Craftsy class on sketching people. I bought it a while ago and never got to it. I followed his technique of fast gesture sketching with pencil and then again over the top with fountain pen.

I did not complete all 100 but I did do 70 which I think is a pretty impressive effort. They are small and fast and some of them (or should I say many) are a mess but there are a few in there that I am really pleased with. The process was very freeing and I tackled groups of people that I would normally avoid.

Here are a few of the pages I completed. Most ref's are from Sktchy but I did also do a few from life.

And the last few

I know I am really late with posting this but you know how life gets now and then. In case any of you were wondering yes I did finish all 29. In face I did 31.
Thanks so much for the support I have received with this challenge. I really enjoyed it.

26 February 2017

Nearing the finish line

It is always exciting to near the end of a challenge especially when you have achieved your goal. I think I can see an improvement in my sketches over this month. I am certainly attempting harder portraits with more confidence.

Here are another couple of quick biro sketches. I have I mentioned I love working on prepainted pages? :) This makes it 28 faces so far. One more to go. Do I get it done today and finish or relax and take my time? Best to get it done. So stay tuned for the final of 29 faces...

24 February 2017

Week 3 of faces - still on target

I thought I was falling behind my goal but now I've counted them this makes 25. I am well on target.
As usual all references are from Sktchy done using a variety of mediums.

A few watercolour sketches...

Some biro sketches on prepainted pages. I love doing these...

Some others in graphite, marker and water...

16 February 2017

Two weeks down

It has been two weeks into this challenge and things are going well. As usual for me a variety of styles and media being used. But its all good fun. All references are from Sktchy. Another 6 faces here to add to the collection.

10 February 2017

Keeping on track

I am keeping on with my portrait drawings and paintings.

I am very happy with how this watercolour painting turned out, The angles were very hard to draw.

This was a quick sketch using a biro in my cheap sketchbook and then decided to add just a few splashes of colour. A fun experiment that worked out well.

That makes 10 in 10 days. Keeping up well.